Hello there, I’m Mary. 


How does my garden grow? 


With psychedelic songs, and vines growing long, 

and wild weeds all in a row. 


I am Mary, lover of extra virgin olive oil, strawberry incense, bearded dragons, beat poetry, my vinyl record collection, Seinfeld, city streets, tarot and large cups of coffee, cafes, pumpkin patches, the old growth redwood forest, cannolis, the scent of  tree resins, and my big family of house plants. I am a mother of daughters, fascinated by spiders, a lover of the sounds of sitars, trumpets, and electric guitars. I am a devotee of the Blessed Mother. I bow to ancient olive trees, the wild weeds that grow globally and nourish us all, and the trees who bear witness to generation upon generation. I am committed to engaging with my ancestors, and healing the past and future of my lineage.  Through the art we make, coffee we brew, flowers we arrange, songs we select, tea we pour, plants we hang out with, prayers we whisper, and in the ways we clean our home, we create magic, movement, and space to interpret our subconscious and connect with our ancestors. We are our OWN healers. 

I am a passionate, life-long student to all that ignites the flame in my heart. 



I'm a down to earth (Virgo/Virgo/Cap) imperfect human, who's here to be a mentor and facilitator. I am here to connect people with healing plants, create rituals that suit folks’ specific needs, and guide individuals in connecting to their ancestors. I offer 1 x1 plant sessions and transformational journeys, workshops, and writings/art that express my passion for magic and healing. 


My journey of following my passions through my studies, has been eclectic but incredibly interconnected. I earned a bachelor of art’s degree from San Francisco State University in women and gender studies, which allowed me to develop my critical and curious lens. I studied plant spirit medicine and folk herbalism under Marysia Miernowska, with the Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education, through their apprenticeship program. The following year, I served as a mentor for the incoming apprentices, gaining the opportunity to facilitate ceremony and medicine-making with this earth-loving community. I also have years of Yoga studies under my belt, earning my 200 HR Yoga certification in 2012 through YogaWorks, under the wisdom of Jeanne Heileman and Thomas Taubman, as well as Jeanne's Subtle Body Master Training, Level I. I furthered my studies in Tantra with Tracee Stanley through her 200 HR Sankalpa Shakti teacher training in 2013. Besides my trainings, I have participated in numerous workshops, classes, mini-trainings, and countless hours of self study. 


My Italian American background radically informs the way I move in the world and the offerings I create. It is the very root of my being, and everything grows and expresses itself from the root. I am profoundly proud to honor my ancestors and culture through prayer, plant medicine, cooking, craft, and ritual. I am committed to braiding the spiritual practices and earth-based ways of my ancestors into my daily modern life. 


My belief, is that health and healing are not about rigidity or striving to purify the body. Our bodies are intuitive and wise. It is our job to simply quiet down, breathe, listen, and reconnect. An incredible wealth of healing is available, when we simply tune in to the harmony of living things that surround us. Plants, pharmaceuticals, sleep, bathing, surgery, music, howling at the moon, watching a favorite movie, Yoga, therapy, and smelling your grandmother’s perfume are all examples of good medicine. There is no one right way.