Let's Work Together...

There is a glowing well of energy, inspiration, healing, and creativity within us, that becomes accessible when we plug ourselves back into the living, breathing organism, that is planet earth. Plants are a bridge that can help us find our way back to a whole, nourished existence on this planet, recharging us to the core. When we put wild plants into our bodies, we are flooding our veins with the wildness of Mother Earth, reintegrating the old ways, folk tales, vitality, resilience, skills, wisdom, and knowing of our ancestors. I am offering intro plant sessions, as well as month-long transformational herbal journeys, to aid you in empowering yourself with ancient plant wisdom. Becoming your very own healer is your birthright.



Plant medicine may greet you when...

you're looking for a little more joy or inspiration in your day-to-day

you're healing through grief or heartbreak 

you're mending a broken bone


looking to lower your cholesterol



Plant medicine is here,

and everywhere,

bursting up through the cracks in urban sidewalks,

growing unabashedly and uninvited in your potted plants,


waiting for you to show up and start a conversation.

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I offer introductory plant sessions and month long transformational herbal journeys. Take a look to see what will serve you best!