1 Month Transformational Journey

~with plant allies and customized rituals~

This journey is perfect for you if: 

1. You're ready and open to receiving deep healing from the plants. 

2. You'd like to move past blockages that are stunting creativity, relationships, self love, abundance, focus, and beyond. 

3. You're not quite sure why you are here, but your intuition is guiding you! 




A hawk's eye view of our month together:


- Opening 45-60 minute session, via skype or zoom. 

- On our first call, we will dive into what you are wishing to heal, transform, change, or transmute. What physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual blocks are holding you back? 

- A 30 day herbal protocol will follow. 

-  Every seven days, I check in and send you a personalized ritual to drop you deeper into your journey. 

- You will get to know the plant your are working with intimately, and understand the concept of forming relationships with plants. 


- We will conclude our month with another 45-60 min call to check progress and wrap up.

You will either move forward on your own, empowered with medicinal plant knowledge, or we can continue together with another month, if you feel called! 

I'm offering this 1 month transformational journey  for  $279-325 sliding scale

See my Plant Medicine  page for further details on my approach.

I can truly say, from the depths of my heart, that I believe in the power of plant medicine to deepen our connection to ourselves and the planet. I stand here before you, ready to share what I have learned, and pass on my passion, love, devotion, and belief in the medicine of the plants.