Nourish yourself with the power of everyday plants


My skills in working with medicinal plants include my life long love affair with nature, passion for physical and emotional well-being, continuous self study, and unique training in the Wise Woman Tradition of healing. I am fortunate to have been trained by the Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education, which is rooted in The Wise Woman Tradition of healing. The WWT is an untamable, ancient form of healing that honors the cycles of nature, the way our bodies function in communion with these cycles, and the use of (mostly) common everyday plants to aid us. The Wise Woman Tradition is built on a  foundation of nourishing wholeness. Nourishment comes in the form of healing plants, as well as prayer, ritual, ceremony, self-care, loving touch, and activism in our communities.


The Wise Woman Tradition does not aim to fix or balance a person who is sick, but instead, to nourish the body deeply, so that it may slowly and organically return to wholeness. The WWT has empowered people with healing since the beginning of time. It is in communion with the cosmic spiral, that churns with the seasons of nature and weaves through the endless cycle of life and death. 

The Wise Woman Tradition reminds us to hold reverence for the land and herbs that surround us, while also remembering that this land does not belong to us. The WWT puts healing power back into the hands of all individuals. It teaches us that the herbs that nourish us are right outside our door, in the form of trees, flowers and wild abundant weeds, that peak through the cracks of sidewalks and long to connect us to the wildness of the planet. The WWT instills a remembrance, that as humans, we are all children of the earth, with the birthright of healing ourselves with Gaia’s offerings. Rather than blindly taking supplements or tinctures, I am interested in helping folks form symbiotic relationships with plants, for the healing of the earth and ourselves.