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Xy's Organic Mint Soda :)

Hi I am Xylia! I am 9 year's old. I hope you enjoy this delicious healthy mint soda! If you love refreshments you should probably read this. So, I made this healthy mint soda and I think you will all love this, at least I hope you will! I will tell you the recipe now...

Get a glass of cold water.

Pick at least 4 leaves of fresh mint from your garden .

break up the mint and put the pieces in the water.

get a regular sized spoon and fill it with honey.

Stir the spoon in the glass of water and mint.

Stir until there is no more honey on the spoon.

If you want, you can put soda water in too.


I hope you love the mint soda!:) Check out my video below.


Xylia :)

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